LHCb Commissioning

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The LHCb Commissioning Task Force mandate has been approved by the CB on 15 September 2005.

List of Members


    Weekly meeting on Tuesday, 10:00 to 12:00, in room 2889-R-009. Agenda and minutes are available here.


LHCb Running scenario EDMS 698618 Word pdf released 24/02/2006
LHCb Control Room EDMS 698616 Word pdf released 24/02/2006
Monitoring EDMS 698614 Word pdf released 24/02/2006
File handling EDMS 698620   pdf released 01/03/2006
Partitioning EDMS 706253   pdf draft 27/02/2006
Histogramming EDMS 748834 Word pdf released 15/06/2006
Commissioning strategy   Word pdf draft 12/12/2006
Personnel and Shift database EDMS 815412 Word pdf released 24/01/2007

LHC documents : see here

Edited by Olivier Callot on 11 May 2007